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Purchase Arrangements

All arrangements are $100 and transactions are conducted via Venmo or Zelle. Arrangements will be delivered via email. Arrangements include: PDF of sheet music & part tracks.

L'Cha Dodi
SMATB Arr. Mayta Cohen



Solo: G3 - G5

Soprano: Bb3 - G5

Mezzo: A3 - F5

Alto: F3 - D5

Tenor: Bb2 - G4

Bass: C2 - A3

The Bedtime Shema
Jordan Franzel & Lisa Silverstein
SATB Arr. Mayta Cohen


Soprano: D4 - D5
Alto: C4 - Bb4
Tenor: G3 - G4
Bass: F2 - Bb3

Shalom Rav
Cantor Jeff Klepper & Rabbi Dan Freelander
SSAA Arr. Mayta Cohen


Soprano 1: G3 - C5
Soprano 2: F3 - D5
Alto 1: G3 - Bb4
Alto 2: D3 - G4

Arranged for four solo female voices

Al Hanissim
Jacob Spike Kraus
SMATBB Arr. Mayta Cohen



Solo: C3 - E4

Duet Line: F#3 - D5

Upper Split Scat Feature: B3 - F5

Soprano: G3 - C6

Mezzo: G3 - C5

Alto: G3 - A4

Tenor: E3 - G4

Baritone: G2 - C4

Bass: C2 - A3

American Tune opb. Paul Simon
SMATB arr. Mayta Cohen



Soprano: A3 - F#5

Mezzo: A3 - C#5

Alto: F#3 - A4

Tenor: A2 - E4

Bass: C#2 - A3

Occasional Mezzo and Soprano split

Adir Hu
SMATB Arr. Mayta Cohen



Solo: F3 - A4

Soprano: F4 - F5

Mezzo: F3 - C5

Alto: F3 - Bb4

Tenor: C3 - G4

Bass: C2 - A3

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