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Six13 - למענך / כי קרוב - L'maancha / Ki Karov (an Eitan Katz kumsitz)

Six13 - למענך / כי קרוב - L'maancha / Ki Karov (an Eitan Katz kumsitz)

An homage to two of our favorite "kumsitz" style songs and their timeless, talented composer, Eitan Katz! Please subscribe (click the notification bell 🔔!), comment, like, and share. Download Six13's NEWEST ALBUM "Vol. 8: Lights": Bring #Six13 to your community! Contact us to find out more info about our options. All Six13 songs are created with nothing but the human voice. ======= Anchored by a strong Jewish identity and driven by a mission to connect Jews around the globe with their heritage through music, professional Jewish a cappella group Six13 are the originators of today's Jewish a cappella sound. They've performed to rave reviews at the White House for Barack and Michelle Obama, and ten of thousands more at synagogues, religious schools, JCCs, fundraising events, B'nai Mitzvah and private affairs alike. They’ve received numerous awards for their eight best-selling CDs, been selected as finalists for casting in NBC's "The Sing-Off", and garnered more than 20 million views online. Booking, press inquiries, and more information about Six13: 888.266.5613 ======= Music by Eitan Katz "L'maancha" lyrics from Yom Kippur evening service "Ki Karov" lyrics from Deuteronomy 30:14 Arranged by Mayta Cohen Vocals performed and recorded by Carl Haber, Lior Melnick, Craig Resmovits, Nathaniel Ribner, Josh Sauer and Mordy Weinstein Lead vocals performed by Mordy Weinstein and Craig Resmovits Edited by Mel Daneke Mixed by Ed Boyer Produced by Mordy Weinstein Additional production by Mike Boxer Graphic design by Mike Boxer and Mordy Weinstein Special thanks to Hashem, our loving families, all our incredible audio and video production staff, our alumni, our amazing fans, all of our music teachers, and the incredible Eitan Katz. Six13 is: Mike Boxer | Carl Haber | Aaron Kohl Lior Melnick | Chaim Moskowitz |.Craig Resmovits Nathaniel Ribner | Josh Sauer | Mordy Weinstein ©️ 2023 Six13 ======= LYRICS (L'MAANCHA / למענך) L'maancha Elokeinu, aseh velo lanu למענך אלקינו עשה ולא לנו Act for Your own sake, our G-d, and not for ours Re'eh amidatenu, dalim vereikim ראה עמידתנו דַלים ורקים Behol​d our position, impoveris​hed and empty Haneshamah lach, vehaguf po'olach הנשמה לך והגוף פעלך The soul is Yours, and the body is Your work Chusah al amalach חוסה על עמלך Have compassio​n on Your labor (KI KAROV / כי־קרוב) Ki karov eilecha hadavar m'od כי־קרוב אליך הדבר מאד It is within your close reach to follow the word of Torah B'ficha u'vil-vavcha la-asoto בפיך ובלבבך לעשתו In speech, in feeling and in deeds
Shalom Rav - Rabbi Dan Freelander & Cantor Jeff Klepper; arr. Mayta Cohen

Shalom Rav - Rabbi Dan Freelander & Cantor Jeff Klepper; arr. Mayta Cohen

This month, I created a 4-part female a cappella arrangement of Cantor Jeff Klepper and Rabbi Dan Freelander’s Shalom Rav for a Jewish music competition hosted by Jewish Rock Radio. I’ve been wanting to arrange this song for a while, so I chose it for my submission without realizing how timely it actually is. The Jewish people are about to enter into the Hebrew month of Cheshvan - a month without Jewish holidays or special commandments. Interestingly, this comes immediately after the month of Tishrei, which is packed with High Holidays and celebrations. While Cheshvan allows us to settle back into our ordinary routines, it also gives us the opportunity to take our reflection and inspiration from Tishrei into our normal lives. It is the perfect time to work to be better people and practice Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place. But this year is different; nothing about it is ordinary or routine. I’m feeling the tension of entering what is supposed to be a calming time when there is a growing sense of unrest worldwide. So I’d like to share this powerful prayer for peace now, one that has always given me comfort in scary times as much as it has inspired me to get up and do my part - like Cheshvan calls on us to do. One way I’m going to do my part this month is by voting. If you are eligible to vote, please join me so we can work towards a peaceful world for all. Rosh Chodesh Tov! No matter what state you are voting in, you can check your registration, find your polling place, or request an absentee ballot at @. [Arrangement, audio & video - Mayta Cohen]

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